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Internationaal Danstheater (ID) is one of the Netherlands’ oldest dance companies. Guided by its rich heritage, ID has recently made a transition to a new repertory. The related focus is on tapping into elements of cultures from around the world as the foundation for creating contemporary dance productions. Choreographers have the opportunity at ID to explore their artistic and creative vision relating to traditions, rituals and diversity and to chrystallise these ideas in a production. ID is committed to leveraging its work to build bridges between cultures and to make audiences receptive to the world of extraordinarily rich and multicoloured traditions and beliefs. ID creates its productions with dancers, choreographers, designers, technicians, office and production employees who come from divers backgrounds and who each inject their own cultural traditions and incluence in a spirit of dialogue. This ensures that ID operates at the heart of society and that contact with the audience serves as the starting point for all its productions and other activities.

Support us on our journey

We need your support in order to build these bridges and to create first-rate productions that make a difference. Support in the form of finances, materials an/or volunteering time are all welcome. With your help we can continue to research sources and connect dance, music, culture and traditions and make this relevant to the world we live in today. We can then continue to create dance productions that feature a storyline and live music. Just as you have become to expect from us.

How can you join us on our journey?

Be a local Hero for €30 a year
You will be entitled to 

  • A free ticket to attend a try-out in a theatre in the Netherlands of for ” Dans in de Doelenzaal” (your choice)
  • The twice-yearly News Flash
  • An invitation to the ” Friendly Afternoon”
  • An invitation to the public rehearsals
  • An invitation to the start fof the new season
Be an Adventurer for €60 a year of €5 a month
Besides all the privileges of the Local Hero you will be entitled to
  • Two free tickets to attend a try-out in a theatre in the Netherlands of for ” Dans in de Doelenzaal” (your choice)
Be a Globe trotter for €120 a year or €10 a month
Besides all the privileges of the Adventurer you will be entitled to
  • A free ticket to the premiere and a Meet & Greet with the crew and performers
Be a Mecenas for a minimum of €300 a year
Besides all the privileges of the Globe trotter you will be entitled to
  • Two free tickets to the premiere, plus two additional free tickets to a performance during the tour
  • Meet & Greet with the dancers and choreographer after the premiere
  • An invitation for you and a guest to attend the ” Friendly Afternoon”
  • An invitation to the ID Luncheon for Friends with the entire crew
  • Special ” en petit comite” during which director Sophie Lambo and artistic intendant Jan Linkens will explain new projects and plans for the new season
Please note that we will be pleased to cover the notarial costs if you commit to supporting ID with a minimum donation of €300 a year for at least five years.

Do you want to  to become a (Travel) Friend of Internationaal Danstheater? Please  fill in the application form.

Internationaal Danstheater

Internationaal Danstheater

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