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Boma (Mkutano)

Boma (Mkutano) is a co-production between the ID, Dansgroep Amsterdam, dance company Sarakasi from Nairobi, Kenia and the ITS festival.

Choreography: Corneliu Ganea

foto: Tiberio Frascani

foto: Tiberio Frascani

Together with 6 Kenian dancers, 2 dancers from the ID and 2 dancers from Dansgroep Amsterdam.

Boma is Swahili for enclosed homestead; many different Bomas represent Kenya’s major ethnic groups and refers to the open minded approach of this culturally rich and exciting production.

Choreographer Corneliu Ganea examines the origin of Kenian dance, how Kenian dancers react to our academic way of modern dance and what our western dancers could integrate in their performances. Meeting each other’s culture and change are in the focus of attention. In short: A battle of cultures with mutual respect and understanding.

Or as Corneliu said: “I would like to take this chance and create a dance performance which has a fine balance between entertainment and art. I would like the audience to be moved, to make them think and feel the performance days after they experienced it. I would like to use this chance to immerse myself into such a rich culture, as the Kenyan one. To extract the existential aspects of their lives, their culture, to find ways to bring it to life in combination with the rich, old and versatile Dutch culture. This will result into a coherent dance performance, which can be experienced by people from different cultures and ages, no matter the creed, color, religion, or race. Mkutano is a dance performance which inspires action. It reminds us that we have to keep improving our lives and as well as the lives of others around us.  Boma is a meeting point of two different cultures. There is a need for interaction, yet the means of communication are not words but the universal language of dance and music.”

Boma (vh. Mkutano) will premiere on June 26 at 14.00h, 2015 in the Doelenzaal in Amsterdam, Kloveniersburgwal 87, as a conclusion of the ITS festival. The performance is part of a full evening program in which the work by the ITS choreography-prize winner of 2014, Louis Vanhaverbeke, will be shown as well.

More information concerning ticket sales will be published soon.


Internationaal Danstheater

Internationaal Danstheater

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