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Donating to the Internationaal Danstheater


Supporting culture, supporting Internationaal Danstheater

Amazing, astonishing, thrilling, surprising … experiencing cultural events touches you. Whether you visit an exposition or work behind the scenes with a theatre company: it moves you.
Culture and art: you love it, you care about it and a world without art and culture would make this world a duller place.  And it needs you too! The same goes for the Internationaal Danstheater: without you, our public, there is no show, without your, our audience, there is no concert. The more people care about art, the more valuable it becomes.Would you like to support the Internationaal Danstheater?
In 2012 in the Netherlands a new law was effectuated: the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act which applies to everyone working under the Dutch tax laws.
The Gift and Inheritance Tax Act enables an increase of your donation by offering a number of benefits when donating to charity and cultural organizations, such as deductions on income and corporate taxes, and dispensation when inheritance taxes are involved. More information on the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act  and its implementation is on the Dutch website by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W):  Cultuur, daar geef je om.

For donating to cultural organizations an extra deduction possibility was added: as a tax payer, you can deduct your donation times 1,25 when a cultural organizations, which under the Dutch tax law  have been granted  a special status (the so-called culturele ANBI-status), is involved. The  Internationaal Danstheater has obtained the cultural ANBI-status, so donating to the ID allows you this deduction.
NOTE: the major part of information on the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act is in Dutch. Should this present you with any problems, please contact us: we will gladly help you with translating and understanding the content and possibilities.

How will you benefit by donating?
For you the major benefit will be a full deduction of your income tax and a partial return on your taxes by the Dutch Tax authorities.  When you decide to have your donation taken down in writing in a notary deed, the profits can be even higher – for both parties:

  • either you spend less money, or
  • you donate more, without it costing you extra.

The benefits can go as high as 52% – depending on your income, that of your (fiscal) partner and both your ages, whereas donations which are not taken down in a notarial deed as a periodic donation or endowment are only partly deductible or, at times, not at all.
Curious what your personal benefit will be? Please check the donation calculator at Schenkcalculator.

How will the Internationaal Danstheater benefit?
In order to develop our wonderful projects and continue our collaboration with dance companies and choreographers abroad, to have an overview of its financial basis for several years to come is extremely important for the Internationaal Danstheater. So your steady support to the Internationaal Danstheater not only increases its financial means, it also adds to its future perspective.
If you are interested in a substantial period of support and benefit, close an agreement with the Internationaal Danstheater. If you do this in 2013, for a minimum of five years – allowing the Internationaal Danstheater to get a number of long term projects going – you will benefit for the full five years the Geefwet offers. Should you be willing to add your tax deduction to your donation, this will increase your donation to the ID, without you spending more.

Arrangements required for a periodic donation or endowment
The tax benefits apply to a periodic donation if it is settled for a period of at least five years, starting from €100 annually, noted down in a  notarial deed.
The maximum for your total number of donations of endowments under the Geefwet  is €5.000 per year.
All necessary  arrangements  and the draft of the donation deed will be taken care of by the Internationaal Danstheater, together with notary office Mr M.J. Meijer Notarissen N.V., for your annual donations as of €125, for the duration of at least five years.

Extra benefits with notarial deed
Part of your donation will be returned to you through tax deduction, meaning that in the end you donate more than you spend. You even may want to consider relinquishing this deduction and adding it to your donation,  because by doing so your net expenditure will remain the same, whereas your donation to the Internationaal  Danstheater increases.  This manner of donating is entirely deductible through the income tax law. Calculate your actual tax benefit at Schenkcalculator.

Your donation will be executed in even periodical payments for the duration of five years. You will become a structural donator of the Internationaal Danstheater.

The ID will take care of the notary’s fee for anual donations as of €300.



Internationaal Danstheater

Internationaal Danstheater

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